Why do you have a website for your business?  

The answer is simple: to promote your business to consumers seeking your products and/or services.

A significant online presence should be the primary objective of every business that seeks to build a customer base or to make your business easily available to your existing customers.

In a slightly disorganized outline we offer the following tips to use our website that will maximize the benefits of STL.Properties.

  1. Keep your directory and listings information up-to-date.  If you change address, phone or any other information relevant to you, please be sure to update it frequently.
  2. On your directory listing page, make sure that you include the link to your profile page or home page of your website.  It will be recognized as a valuable relevant link helping to enhance your website rankings.
  3. List all of your real estate listings on STL.Properties.  Additionally, in the description page section create links to your directory listing so consumers can easily navigate to your directory page making it easy for them to locate you.  Additionally, it will help the strength of our website, which in turn, helps your website rank higher in organic search engine search results.
  4. Publish blog articles on STL.Properties and create links back to your directory listing and real estate listings on STL.Properties.  This will enhance your presence on STL.Properties as well as your search engine presence.  Additionally, create links to your website on each blog article.  Linking to both your profile and your site will help enhance the influencial score of both sites.
  5. Publish press releases on our affiliated news site, STLRealEstate.News.  Your information will be shown on our highly optimized blog, STLRealEstate.News.  Additionally, your press release will be shown on Google News, Google Newsstand, Bing News, Apple News, MSN News, Yahoo News, Facebook Instant Articles, News360.com and uploaded to the Associated Press (optional).  Additionally, your information will be shared to our massive social media network that expands to more than  65 top-rated social sites.  Please note to create links in the press release to your website, your business directory listing, any specific real estate listing and/or blog post that you have published on STL.Properties.
  6. Why do some websites rank better than others?  Well, there are more than 200 factors that determine the ranking of a website.  While all 200 are beyond the scope of this outline, we can tell you that the two most important factors are, “content” and “inbound links” to your website.  Our sites can help accomplish both for you easily.
  7. If one of your objectives for joining STL.Properties was to help the performance of your website, check out our FREE website analysis website page for a detailed report about your website.  With approximately 8-10 pages, our report will outline all issues relating to your site that might be restricting its performance.
  8. Maximize your online visibility by sponsoring STLRealEstate.News, a dedicated section on STL.News and expose your company to our large audience.
  9. Make sure that your website is properly indexed by the major seach engines including, Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex.  This will help your website be found in search results.
  10. To maximize your online presence, videos are critical.  We highly recommend an introduction video and real estate listing video showcasing the featured property.  Your listings will get more views increasing the odds of selling your listings faster.  The introduction video should be placed on your STL.Properties directory listing for maximum online visibility.
  11. Why you should list your properties on STL.Properties before listing them on your website using third party data providers like IDX?  Our URL’s are search engine friendly making it easier for the search engines to present your listings when consumers use search engines like Google or Bing to search for real estate.  Additionally, rather than it not presenting you or your company as the listing agent, we will gladly promote your listings as “your” listings.
  12. To enhance the performance of your real estate sites, always work to build links on other websites that will help drive traffic back to your website, not to mention, the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex.  Links are one of the most important factors that the search engines use to determin how relevant to the community you and your business are.

Benefits of Enhanced Online Exposure

  • Relevant in-bound links to your website
  • Exposure to our traffic
  • Blogging to help yourself standout from the crowd
  • Get in the news
  • Drive more traffic to your website by exposing yourself to our audience